Saturday, April 25, 2015

Architectural Adventure (mini excursion 1)


Church Angle

Old Time Feel

Sepia First Congregational

Carnegie Branch Library

Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Early Spring 2015 Image




Bright Light

Morning Cloak Butterfly (seen at the beginning of April, somewhat strange time)

Morning Cloak

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a squirrel.

Miss Coco Bean



Saturday, March 21, 2015

Self Portraits

The self portrait offers the opportunity to further one's progress with the camera.  With no time restrained models and no clients paying for the work, it's the excellent opportunity to try new things that could be used later at the professional shoots.
When Night Falls the Crow Returns

Basic minor sepia tone

Epic Sepia Tone

Self and the Boyfriend waiting for the shutter release

Hints of Arrogance in Sepia

Hints of Arrogance in Color

Light and Old Mirror Effect experiment

Zombie Make-up Experiments for the 2014 Jackson, Michigan Zombie Walk

Hints of Summer

Red Asiatic Lily

Dreaming On A Summer's Day

Floating On

Green/yellow Crab Spider (harmless)

Native Michigan Frog (not sure what species)

Hacklemesh Weaver Spider (scary looking but harmless)

Can You Spot the Turkey?

Sibling Toads

Sibling Toads (different angle)

Quiet Autum Places

Autumn Glare


White Fences


Old Times

Color Line


The Closed

Brighter Moments

The Wood


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Darker Things

Glow Ball

Glow Ball v2

Under the Bridge

Where We Hide

Sampling of Some Professional Senior Portrait Work (casual session 1 and studio session 1)

Outdoor session 1, black and white
  My sister and niece decided to have me do my niece's senior year photographs for the 2015 Jackson High School yearbook.  Some of the more casual photos are just for sharing with friends while a studio shot was picked for the yearbook photo.  The first set, a casual session, was done outside at two local parks during October of 2014.  It was mid-morning (not my choosing but i had to work around my niece's and sister's schedules) so the light was a bit more harsh than it would have been earlier in the day (and it shows just a tad).  To avoid extremely harsh shadows my sister and i used aluminum foil and a gloss white poster board to reflect light into shadowed areas on my niece's face.  I took well over 100 photos during that session but only posted 2 to this blog. 
Outdoor session 1, black and white

Studio session 1, mild photomanipulation using GIMP program

Studio session 1, black and white

Studio session 1, black and white (mild editing in GIMP)

Studio session 1 (mild blemish editing)

Studio session 1, black and white

Studio session 1, lightened slightly for printing
The studio session was done on a separate day than the casual session.  Not having the money to rent a studio for a couple hours, i got creative with a spare room in my house.  After closing the windows and blocking the cool light coming in from them and after setting up a black sheet and the camera tripod, my sister set to work fashioning a black drape out of some velvet fabric she had purchased for the occasion.  For the soft warm yellow/orange toned glow i used a lamp covered with yellow tissue paper while i had my sister hold a white glossy poster board to direct some of the light to the darker side of my niece's face.  I took about 50 shots.  My sister chose one out of the group after i had finished editing (that is the one at the bottom, lightened for printing--as a general rule i usually take some photos slightly darker if i'm going to be printing them because some printing companies and machines print lighter than the camera image--).  My sister and niece were both please with the results of both sessions.  The photos posted here from the studio session are mostly ones that i manipulated in the GIMP program for different effects.  For the basic editing i used GIMP for blemish removal and hiding (no easy task in that program let me tell ya).  I see a few things in the photos i would do differently now that i've had the chance to look at them often but generally, for these being my first two portrait sessions and having to do them on a strict budget, i am quite pleased.