The Photographer

Aquilus Domini has been interested in photography for many years.  As a photographer A.D. prefers landscapes, animals, and small objects as subjects but sometimes strays from the usual.  This blog is a collection of the many photographs A.D. has taken over the past 12 years.  A.D. uses Canon and Fujifilm cameras.  The film photography came from a Canon Rebel Film SLR and the digital photography comes from a cheapy point and shoot Fujifilm digital camera and most recently comes from a gorgeous Canon Rebel T3i DSLR.  There was a long hiatus between the film SLR and the DSLR so A.D. is a little rusty when it comes to photographic technique and special effects but will eventually relearn the technical mumbo jumbo and hopefully will produce fantastic images in the very near future.  Any advice or critique is welcomed so long as the critique is constructive and not insulting.  A.D. had a very unfortunate encounter with a Craig's list asshole who delighted in insulting other people's art but that same person produced terribly mundane, seen before images that lacked imagination.  The point is, please don't be a Craig's list asshole when commenting.

"Self"---Taken with the DSLR and old Canon EF lens that went with a film camera.  Made for a softer look as the film camera lenses did not have the super disturbingly brutal HD clarity of the DSLR lenses. 

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