Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Invertebrates Insect and Arachnid collection 1

Common Poop Fly
 All images in this collection were taken in Jackson, MI in my own backyard.  I do not have a macro lens, so the largest DOF i can get is F 5.6.  That said, these all can be clicked to see larger details but there is not the amount of detail seen in true macro shots.  Still though, it is an interesting series.

All photographs in this blog belong to me and only I hold the copyright.  If these are found elsewhere or taken without my permission, i will pursue legal action.
Common Poop Fly posing for the camera

A harvestman aka part of the opiliones family of arachnids.

Harvestman view 2

House Centipede

House Centipede view 2

Red Ladybeetle of North America

Red Ladybeetle

Closer observation of Red Ladybeetle on a lily leaf

Female Spider with her egg sacs (if you know the species by all means leave a comment telling what it is)

Sowbug/Woodlouse Spider

Bowl Weaver spider in her web

Side view of Bowl Weaver Spider

Bowl Weaver Spider view 3